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Dec 20 2012

Why now?

As of today at 2:30 p.m., I have officially made it to Christmas Break. I don’t want to use the word “survived,” but to be honest, after basically babysitting 120 7th/8th graders during an all day Christmas party (read: behavior management nightmare), that is how I feel.

I’m starting this now because almost everyday my kids ¬†go between exhilarating moments of clarity, driving me nuts and making me cry from laughing/frustration and I want to remember each of these days. So here we go- a week of relaxation before we hit the ground running to the end of the year.

Best moment from exit tickets I’ve been grading tonight:

Q: Define: Nonrenewable resource.

A: “Nonrenewable resources are items that we can’t get back very quickly once we use them, like the Jews.”

Add this to the list of things I am going to need to clarify when we get back…

I am genuinely terrified about what these children might tell their parents I am teaching them.

-Ms. G

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